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Remote Services

Camp Management & Food Services

RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering Ltd. (RCCC) specializes in the rapid deployment of food service and temporary camp accommodation operations to remote sites. RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering has over 100 years of combined experience, in its executive, within the hospitality industry. The company has chosen to target the oil & gas and mining industries.

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Remote Camp Services and Work Camp Kitchen Facilities

RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering provides complete, full-service, turnkey camp solutions to companies requiring temporary housing, camp management and food services to support a workforce at any remote location. The turnkey solution is based on the principal objective of providing a friendly “upbeat” atmosphere operated by a results-based professional management team. One of our primary objectives is to hire those individuals with a positive “can do” attitude. At RCCC, we recognize the importance of comfortably housed and well-fed individuals and believe this results in a more productive crew who incur fewer injuries and function better as an overall cohesive workforce while helping with our client’s objective of personnel retention.

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Food & Hospitality in North Western Canada
Right Choice Has You Covered

Alberta camp services and management

Our Experience & Staff

RCCC experienced operations staff and support personnel ensure a smooth start-up and a trouble-free working environment throughout the contract term. The company is known for providing well-balanced, nutritious meals and comfortable camp accommodations.

RCCC provides professional camp management, food and housing services to its own camps, and catering services to others. These services consist of menu management and meal preparation to meet the nutritional and health needs of an active workforce. Food service, housekeeping and laundry services are based on a rigid set of principles of sanitation and hygiene standards that exceed industry standards.

We Have Flexible Solutions

RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering is committed to the supply of first-class housing facilities and the delivery of a professional food services operation where every customer leaves satisfied and our employees can enjoy a safe and friendly work atmosphere. We are constantly searching for ways to improve the quality of service to the customer and continually strive for excellence.

The end benefit to the project owner by using RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering is to meet and exceed their needs with a professional and seamless operation at competitive pricing through a single supplier and management team. RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering has the knowledge and logistical expertise to ensure the complete satisfaction of your workforce.

Simonette Lodge from Right Choice, Alberta with work camp kitchen


RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering tailors its camp services to meet the client’s needs and expectations.

Senior management staff carries out all project design, estimating, and general contract support. Prior to mobilizing the site, RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering’s operations and contract staff review the project to assess its requirements and identify best practices. Staffing strategies and logistics, equipment requirements, supplies and supply logistics and specific situations that may affect the project are all discussed at this stage. Start-up planning demands careful coordination of the following components:

Site previews by RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering:

  • Communication with the client to agree on equipment, operating procedures, local hire and pay conditions, facility rules and regulations, meal hours and menus. RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering uses this opportunity to recommend adjustments that may be necessary to address re-supply access, vehicle traffic flow, people flow, and other site-specific issues;
  • Determining which foods are required, ascertaining which food products will be available locally and which must be imported, reviewing alternative food sources and calculating cost-effectiveness;
  • Source a reliable and good quality perishable food supplier (diary, eggs, produce) when applicable;
  • Determining non-perishable commodities required and quantities needed; reviewing alternative sources and calculating cost-effectiveness;
  • Visiting all local sources of supply to personally inspect the facilities, health and sanitation practices and negotiate supply contracts;
  • Ordering and arranging for transport of materials and staff scheduling.

Staffing strategies are developed based on several factors:

  • The size of the operation indicates staffing levels, based on RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering’s staffing ratios and experience for similar projects;
  • Projects with the potential for major size variances on short notice are staffed on the higher side of the ratio to ensure service levels are maintained;
  • Duration and timing of the operation affects staffing levels and selection of personnel. RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering sends greater numbers of staff where quick start-up or shutdown is necessary. On longer, more stable jobs staff size is tapered down after start-up;
  • Staffing levels also vary with the size and design of the camp facilities, such as kitchen and dining area layout and the type of equipment supplied and its layout.

If RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering uses a client-supplied facility additional procedures are followed during start-up:

  • Finalize the scope of work and responsibilities in regard to provision, maintenance, replacement and operation of the facilities and commercial kitchen equipment;
  • Inventory equipment and condition and record via video/photos where possible;
  • Existing foodstuffs are inventoried, evaluated and the client or outgoing caterer is credited appropriately.

Implementation, Management and Monitoring

RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering’s experienced site manager remains on site for the life of the camp and stays in regular

A number of mechanisms are in place to ensure quality food and service. Staff have formal and on-the-job training and employees receive a detailed orientation to applicable legislation, regulations, client expectations and RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering’s own policies and standards. All facilities are inspected regularly, with checklists ensuring that every point is covered; deficiencies are detailed with the appropriate corrective plan of action undertaken. Any hazards, near misses, incidents or accidents are reported.

Provider of dormitories with work camp kitchen and TV room facilities: Right Choice Lator Lodge