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Why RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering?

RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering brings together an enormous amount of internal experience from numerous establishments within the camps and catering services industry. With over one hundred years experience within this and the hospitality industries, the corporate founders have a clear understanding of what it takes to become an industry leader while offering our employees support and fairness.

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At RIGHT CHOICE, we are dedicated to working with locally owned and operated Indigenous companies wherever possible. We work to identify opportunities where we can support local businesses and engage with the community.

We create a home away from home where your guests can access most of what they would be able to at home. This is why we offer a fitness building and recreation room. This allows for entertainment and prevents workers from having to give something up when they go to work.

We support our employees’ needs with high-quality training, generous compensation packages and an emphasis on quality of life. Our staff thrive in this environment and provide our guests with an incredible experience. Our mission is to have our employees- and guests- excited to come back to our facilities each rotation.

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Our Commitment to
Indigenous Inclusion

RIGHT CHOICE is dedicated to utilizing locally owned Indigenous
companies and subcontractors wherever possible.

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RCCC offers industry-leading remote services across Western Canada. Contact us to learn how we can be the RIGHT CHOICE for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the process look like?

First, our team will work with you to decide on a design that best suits your needs, then we move on to fabrication. Once the workforce housing has been created, our team is able to transport them to the desired location and our staff will provide ongoing maintenance for the facility. Our experienced site manager will remain on site for the life of the camps. Our staff have extensive training and all facilities are inspected regularly to ensure the safety of our staff and guests.

What are the camp rules and regulations?

This is something we discuss with you to see what is in the best interest of your corporation and the health and safety of everyone involved. We have a skeleton version we provide as a foundation. RIGHT CHOICE has a ‘zero incidents’ philosophy. Safety is our priority and we believe that every single workplace injury is preventable.

What do the work camps look like?

We have multiple layouts available for the work camps that may act as the foundation for new designs or be fabricated as is. We offer units of all sizes for all services.

What amenities do Alberta workforce camps have?

Most of our facilities in Alberta come standard with a cafeteria, kitchen, vending machines (for food, drinks and cigarettes), and fitness units. We also offer a recreation room equipped with a television, pool tables, and more.

Each room will have a bed, desk, lamp, chair, wardrobe, nightstand, sink, mirror, and washroom (with a toilet and shower). Some modular facilities offer a communal washroom, however, any camp with more than 30 people will be provided with individual en-suite washrooms.