Welcome to RCCC Pink Mountain Lodge!

Located on mile #147 on the Alaska Highway (approx. 158 KM North of Fort St. John) Pink Mountain Lodge is a premium Lodge facility featuring 214 rooms, consisting of 152 Executive rooms, 60 VIP rooms and 2 Wellsite Suites.

All rooms have private washrooms, full satellite TV and wireless internet. The facility is also equipped with cell boosters in various locations around the camp. All rooms are connected via artic corridors for comfort and convenience. The facility also has a 4-unit recreation and fitness/workout area for those who like to keep active.

Our focus is on providing Exceptional Client Experience by having the best of the best philosophy when it comes to product and service from our highly trained expert staff. We give our guests plenty of options with our vast 6 week rotational menu, including heart healthy options and a weekly “Theme Night”.

We are pleased to be partnered with Prophet River First Nation on our Pink Mountain Facility located at mile 147 of the world-famous Alaska Highway.  Prophet River First Nation is located 100km south of Fort Nelson, British Columbia, on the Alaska Highway. The PRFN community (reserve) is 924 acres in size. The traditional territory of the Prophet River First Nation is situated mainly in the boreal forest region of northeastern British Columbia.

General Information & Reservations

Phone: 587.215.3689

Group Reservations & Pricing

Kim Harder: 780.405.4033
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