Welcome to RCCC Lator Lodge!

LSD: 12-5-64-01 W6M

Located at KM 4109 on the Canfor 4000 Road (approx. 106 Kilometres South of Grande Prairie), Lator Lodge is a premium Lodge facility featuring 380 rooms, consisting of 342 Executive rooms, 36 VIP rooms and 2 Wellsite Office Suites.

All rooms have private washrooms, full satellite TV, and wireless internet. The facility is equipped with its own cellular tower with boosters located throughout the facility. The facility also has a 4 unit recreation and fitness/workout area for those that like to keep active. RCCC Lator Lodge is also equipped with a fueling station offering gasoline, diesel and dyed diesel.


Our focus is on providing Exceptional Client Experience by having the best of the best philosophy when it comes to product and service from our highly trained expert staff. We give our guests plenty of options with our vast 6 week rotational menu, including heart healthy options and a weekly “Theme Night”.

Lator Lodge takes pride in supporting those working on projects in and around the area.

General Information & Reservations

Phone: 780.306.4455
Mobile: 587.591.8633

Group Reservations & Pricing

Kim Harder: 780.405.4033
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