Health and Safety

Safety First is our priority. The RIGHT CHOICE ‘zero incidents’ philosophy is founded on the belief that every occupational injury/illness is preventable. As a COR and ISNetworld certified company, RIGHT CHOICE has met the standards and beyond for Partnerships through an independent evaluation of our health and safety management program.

Our Health & Safety Policy ensures inspections will identify all safety needs by implementing daily and weekly toolbox meetings, inspections and risk assessments. By promoting these facets, we pursue Safety First on a daily basis and integrate it into every aspect of our work ensuring and continually improving worker and customer safety.

Safety and a healthy environment is regarded as of utmost importance for our employees, contractors, subcontractors, clients and their workforce personnel.

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Our most valuable resources are the people who work for us. Injuries can be prevented with all required training and by complying with RIGHT CHOICE safety policies and procedures and all government regulations pertaining to safety and health issues, thus providing a hazard free worksite for employees, contractors, sub-contractors and visitors.

Our management fulfills their responsibilities by providing resources for safe equipment, tools, and required training for all employees. We also ensure that their health and safety management system is maintained and revisions updated as legislated by the Occupational Health & Safety Act, Regulation and Code.

Employees working for RIGHT CHOICE have the right and responsibility to refuse unsafe work conditions when they exist or not competent to perform job tasks.

Make the Right Choice, Be Safe.

At our Daily Toolbox Meeting, Weekly Safety Meeting, Inspections and Risk Assessments, our Supervisors will ensure all hazards are removed if reasonably practicable and communicated to all employees, contractors and subcontractors. All hazards will be identified and have corrective action plans processed immediately.

The Supervisors will also investigate all incident/accidents and near misses, provide required on-the-job training to new employees to ensure they are competent. They will ensure appropriate personal protective equipment is supplied and used by employees and that the equipment is maintained to meet legislated safety standards.