The “RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering Ltd.” Story

There have been many significant days at RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering Ltd., but October 01st, 2018 marks a very significant day in history for the growing company.

October 01st, 2018 marks our 5th year Anniversary in operation since opening our doors. It not only marks the opening day, but marks the day a small group of believers would enter back into a business where they believed they could be different, and could make a difference in the lives of those that serve our Canadian Resource Industry. The business plan to enter the market in a Niche` capacity to reincarnate the Drill Camps and to serve the sub 200 person facilities was brilliant and fully supported by proponents with decades of past experience in the industry. With new state of the art single person per room Drill Camps and access to additional equipment for larger base Camps, the incredible journey began.

When we opened our doors on October 01st, 2013. Our first mission was to provide 2 – 26 person Drill Camps to an Oil Drilling Company. Within 4 weeks this grew to 4 – 26 person Drill Camps with added clients. It was truly our opportunity to validate what we believed in, and to action our vision.

With a small band of Operators and a seasoned supportive group we began showing the Industry we were in fact different.

Every successful company has to be driven by Vision and Direction and it was easy to adopt a helpful past quote for this, “Our Path is clear, our direction is solid, the future is ours to build.” This was the first belief to our incredible journey ahead.

Of course there were many learnings along the way that tested some strong leadership beliefs that required immediate attention. We all knew that Equipment could help us meet the requirements of the projects as defined by the Industry, but it was the people of the company that had to be able to deliver the vision to the client in the end. It was quickly determined that we adopt the “Best of the Best” philosophy when it came to our staff to match the philosophy of our equipment. Within the first year of operations the “Best of the Best” team developed and implemented the Guiding Principles that stand firm as our guiding principles today. The “Why RIGHT CHOICE” and the “Hospitality Wheel” was developed which would become the basis of every decision made every day by everyone in the company. The “Why RIGHT CHOICE” was designed to keep our distinction in the market delivery front and center to all. To show the industry that we wanted to be different and were in fact different. The Hospitality Wheel was designed by the group to help demonstrate to ourselves and our clients that our absolute main focus was on Client Satisfaction, and to show how all the facets of the company had to contribute to the success of RIGHT CHOICE. It demonstrated that success had to start with initial Sales and end with Accounting with the final invoice to the customer, and ultimately the follow up after the project completion. Every segment of the process was just as important as the other and we settled for nothing less. This philosophy still stands strong in the organization today.

As with every start up and growing company there were many decision paths that had to be adjusted along the way. We entered the market during an active period on the resource outlook which allowed us to grow and double our period revenue two times in a row. We then experienced the great downturn in the industry. These were trying times for all resource service companies. We embraced this time to implement some very strategic decisions on how to approach this downturn. We knew it would provide opportunity in the future as projects declined and companies started to shed some very capable staff. RIGHT CHOICE set on a path to capitalize on opportunities as they presented themselves. We were able to add to our equipment base, and to hire additional “Best of the Best” staff to add to our experienced team for the future. The one compromise we refused to act on was a decrease in our service delivery to the dropping prices clients we getting from other service providers that were adjusting their service levels to match their pricing reductions in our market. We believed that if we continued to provide high quality service and equipment it would help define and validate our vision of being different when things turned around. We believed that clients would acknowledge that we never wavered on our main focus of “Client Experience,” and would support us for doing so in the future.

Strategic decisions are nothing more than calculated risks in any business, but the experienced drivers of RIGHT CHOICE all agreed that the risks of maintaining our vision and direction of top quality service to all our clients far outweighed the risk of being tagged as a low cost operator and the delivery of the same.

The story above is simply the history of how we became who we are today, and the result of what strong beliefs and dedication to not only be different, but to be the best in class in everything you do, can attribute to the success of any company.

Today on October 01, 2018, our 5th Anniversary, we are bigger and stronger than ever before. RIGHT CHOICE has now set itself as the prime major contender in the sub 1,000 person facilities market, and has currently deployed and operating the largest number of Drill Camps in the surrounding area with a very diverse and strong client base that recognize who and what we are. We now set the bar for equipment and service delivery in the market place. We have grown from those first 2 Drill Camps with a total of 52 Rooms in our Fleet to now being able to offer services in 5 different Open Camp locations across Alberta and B.C., and now have about 2,000 Rooms in addition to all related supporting infrastructure units in our expanded Fleet Base, and currently well on our way to a record year for RCCC.

We have adjusted to our new capabilities and reputation by never losing sight of our founding philosophy of the “Best of the Best.” Today our team has been expanded by selecting, screening, and acquiring, some of the best people available that carry the same vision and beliefs we have as a company. Together we are stronger, and carry on the vision to be different, and to be completely “Customer Focused.”

We have many things to be thankful for along the way, but most of all we are thankful for the team that helped us grow, maintained us through the downturn, and continue to support and deliver our vision.

Thank you to all those that are a part of RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering Ltd. We look forward to our future.

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