kapelogoKapesiwin: A Cree word meaning “a campsite or resting spot”.

KAPESIWIN Camps & Catering is a JV agreement between Pipestone Group (a 100% Aboriginal owned company) and RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering. The purpose of the JV is to participate in business opportunities that either group would not otherwise be available separately and, or, at the same time, provide an opportunity to return benefits to Aboriginal groups (First Nation, Metis, and Inuit) who have treaty and territorial rights within close proximity to project work and establish unity and opportunity to the affected Aboriginal groups.

KAPESIWIN Camps & Catering recognizes, as a responsible company, the importance of promoting respectful, sustainable relationships with Aboriginal and local communities in the areas that we work. In every project we are involved in, KAPESIWIN Camps & Catering and RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering is committed to work with local communities.

KAPESIWIN Camps & Catering works hand in hand with our customers, local communities, and training centers, to identify social and economic opportunities that are aligned, transparent, and add value to all involved. Opportunities include employment, training and education, business development, or financial contributions.

KAPESIWIN Camps & Catering and RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering brings together an enormous amount of internal experience from numerous establishments within the camps and catering services industry and the Aboriginal community in Western Canada. With over one hundred years’ experience within this and the hospitality industries, the corporate founders and our employees have a clear understanding of what it takes to become an industry leader while offering our employees support, fairness, and understanding.

KAPESIWIN Camps & Catering is synonymous with innovative approaches to products, amenities and service. We will make our client’s experiences exceptional through our pioneering designs, innovative hospitality concepts, quality service and commitment to the Canadian remote site hospitality community.

KAPESIWIN Camps & Catering management truly believes in creating successful teams. Our “Team Members” must always be ready to provide friendly high quality service to our clients. We will support our employees through the belief that “quality of life” is important to each and every employee, combined with above average compensation packages we will strive to hire the “best of the best”.

Our equipment assets are new and developed with the thought process of usefulness, comfort, and quality. A significant majority of our menu offerings consist of made-from­ scratch products based on proprietary recipes and prepared daily at each location. In addition, we heavily invest in the training of our employees with the adherence to our high quality standards.


KAPESIWIN Camps & Catering is a new industry leader in Western Canada for turnkey camp catering and fresh food services, plus open camps.

Our management teams’ focus is rapid response and we can have your facility up and running on site promptly and on budget. All the logistics are handled with our expertise so you can concentrate on your immediate business matters at hand.

We provide modular workforce accommodations for 20 to 500 plus. Whether your needs are temporary or permanent we can design, fabricate, transport, and maintain any volume of camp services facility for any remote project.

Working rotation and away from home can be difficult for many employees. At RIGHT CHOICE Camps, we provide many services to enhance their way of life such as:

– Private & Shared Rooms
– Free Internet Access
– Games Rooms & Satellite TV
– On Site Store
– Workout Fitness Facilities
– Variety of Meals

KAPESIWIN offers modular solutions that are scalable for any remote camps. Typically these are cost effective for shorter term accommodations. Our camps can be placed anywhere and anytime which provides ideal proximity to a variety project sites.

For the unique clients that need more, KAPESIWIN Camps & Catering offers facilities that are custom-built. Our team is on hand and ready to work with you to deliver the most innovative solutions for remote camps.

In all, we take care of every necessity – food, power, water, communications, housekeeping, security and more.

At KAPESIWIN, we recognize our clients need a great place to stay that’s a home away from home. Our facility management teams ensure everything is the best in quality, the best in service, and the best in comfort, and the best in food service including special dietary requirements.

Safety is paramount in all aspects of our work, as we understand any breech in our protocols of safety could lead to endangering the lives of our guests and employees. Simply, that is NOT an option and we ensure the highest standards are in practice every day.


Safety First is our priority. At  KAPESIWIN and RIGHT CHOICE, ‘zero incidents’ philosophy is founded on the belief that every occupational injury/illness is preventable.

Our Health and Safety Policy ensures inspections will identify all safety needs by implementing daily and weekly toolbox meetings, inspections and risk assessments. By promoting these facets, we pursue Safety First on a daily basis and integrate it into every aspect of our work ensuring and continually improving worker and customer safety.

Safety and a healthy environment is regarded as of utmost importance for our employees, contractors, subcontractors, clients and their workforce personnel.

Our most valuable resources are the people who work for us. Injuries can be prevented with all required training and by complying with RIGHT CHOICE safety policies and procedures and all government regulations pertaining to safety and health issues, thus, providing a hazard free worksite for employees, contractors, sub-contractors and visitors.

Our management fulfills their responsibilities by providing resources for safe equipment, tools, and required training for all employees. We also ensure that their health and safety management system is maintained and revisions updated as legislated by the Occupational Health and SafetyAct, Regulation and Code.

At our Daily Toolbox Meeting, Weekly Safety Meeting, Inspections and Risk Assessments, our Supervisors will ensure all hazards are removed if reasonably practicable and communicated to all employees, contractors and subcontractors. All hazards will be identified and have corrective action plans processed immediately.

The supervisors will also investigate all incident/accidents and near misses, provide required on-the-job training to new employees to ensure they are competent. And ensure appropriate personal protective equipment is supplied and used by employees and that the equipment is maintained to meet legislated safety standards.

RIGHT CHOICE employees, contractors and visitors on RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering worksites are responsible for obeying ALL safety rules, following recommended safe work procedures, wearing personal protective gear when required, reporting all incidents/accidents/near misses/hazards to supervisor, and participate in all safety training programs and informing their supervisor of any unsafe work conditions.

Employees working for RIGHT CHOICE have the right and responsibility to refuse unsafe work conditions when they exist or not competent to  perform job tasks.


Guiding Principles

KAPESIWIN Camps & Catering and RIGHT CHOICE Camps & Catering has accepted to adopt the Guiding Principles of the six industry associations representing contractors and operating companies.

1.    Canadian Association of Drilling Contractors
2.    Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors
3.    Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
4.    Canadian Energy Pipeline Association
5.    Petroleum Services Association of Canada
6.    Small Explorers and Producer Association of Canada


Further to our Corporate Safety Statement on Health, Safety, and the environment, KAPESIWIN/RIGHT CHOICE fully supports the Petroleum Industry Principles for workers safety.


All activities on all KAPESIWIN/RIGHT CHOICE worksites will be conducted on the basis that the safety of all personnel is of top priority, whether those personnel are employed by KAPESIWIN/RIGHT CHOICE, another contractor, a subcontractor, and/or a supplier.


KAPESIWIN/RIGHT CHOICE, when acting as a principle contractor, is responsible for coordination and general supervision of all activities at the worksite, including activities carried out by other contractors, subcontractors and/or suppliers. Realizing all parties have a responsibility to promote worker safety, KAPESIWIN/RIGHT CHOICE recognizes its leadership in promoting worker health and safety on the basis that it has the greatest power to influence worksite conditions.


The detailed process of selecting contractors, subcontractor, and/or suppliers, and the administration of the contracts, will include recognition and support of good safety performance.


KAPESIWIN/RIGHT CHOICE, in cooperation with others within the industry will promote methods and practices that create continuous
improvements in safety performance.

The Safe Choice

Safety first is our priority. Learn more about our commitment and the RIGHT CHOICE 'zero incidents' philosophy, today!

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Our management team's focus is rapid response and we can have your facility up and running on the site promptly and on budget. All the logistics are handled with our expertise so you can concentrate on your immediate business matters at hand.